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Congratuations Grandpa on getting the Presidential Medal Of Freedom!

Babe Ruth, newly named Presidential Medal Of Freedom recipient.  I want everyone to know  for 37 years mom and I wrote letters seeking the honor, as I got to the idea from my mother, Dorothy Ruth Pirone, his blood daughter.   My mother one morning said "Call the White House, I think your grandfather deserves the Medal of Freedom."  As always a dutiful daughter,  I did just that and got an address.  I looked for Senators and Congressmen that might  help us achieve the goal.  We wrote hundreds of letters from President Reagan and all the way to now.   Always getting form letters back from the White House that he was being considered.  On one it said file is full!   Talked about it in interviews so many times I have lost count.  A friend of mine, his very young son years ago said if he got to the White House he would help to get medal for Babe.  Well the small boy grew up and works in the Washington D.C.!  He helped the cause a lot, got it done. 

I promised my mom on her deathbed in 1989 that I wouldn't give up.  I am so grateful  to  President Trump,  I am speechless. Thank you does not sound like enough.  You helped me fulfill a BIG promise to my mother.   My husband Andrew, who supported me all the way.  To all supporters that have helped me along the way, thank you. 

My grandfather quoted the following;  “You can not beat a man who never gives up."  It fits here.  I will tell you this I believe, my mom's laughing in heaven and saying "we did it" and that a proud and humble Babe would say, "Thanks Prez”

I might not be able to except it, the rule in next living family member gets it. The adopted daughter Julia Stevens at 102 years old.  Never wrote a word.   But its ok!  The medal is just that ...medal. Stuff as my mom would put it.  I know who worked to get here!   THIS IS FOR YOU MOM!!!!

    Happy Birthday Grandpa!

                Feb. 6 1895

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As I am the blood granddaughter of Babe Ruth, and leading authority of his private life, I would like to say something about Shohei Ohtani.  To call him the next Babe Ruth is flattering to Shohei.  From what I have read, he loves and lives the game as my grandfather did.  Time will tell if he will be like Babe in the US.  Until then I wish him luck and I think it would be fun to watch him grow.  This all is good for baseball and heaven knows my grandfather would have loved it and wished him well. So let us have good wishes and enjoy the fun.
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