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About Andy & I

   My name is Linda Ruth Tosetti and I am the granddaughter of George Herman Ruth.  I hope you will enjoy this site.  It is built with love in order for people to get to know the truth about my grandfather.  Was he a saint?  No he was not, but he certainly did a lot of saintly things.  Dispite what some authors print, my mother Dorothy is a direct decendant and daughter of Babe.  In saying  that my mother taught me it is great and I was lucky to be his granddaughter but with it comes a responsibly to the legacy  Alway strive to do good in his name as he himself did.  It is a privilidge to meet people and see the sparkle in their eys because of my grandfather.  Men turn into little boys!  It is great fun and I get to be Santa Claus.  This is the spirit and energy I am hoping you take from this site.

Now back to my grandfather, the star of this site, " George Herman "Babe" Ruth.

George Herman Ruth was born in Baltimore, Maryland on February 6, 1895 at the home of his maternal grandparents. His parents, George Sr. and Kate Ruth, operated a bar and worked very hard to provide for their small family. At the age of seven "Little George" was placed at Saint Mary's Industrial School for Boys. "Little George" was just too much to handle for his parents.  He was not abandoned there.  Kate made a decision after taking him home, and the repeated anguish, heart wrenching pain to have to return him back to school, that it was better he stay.   At Saint Mary's George got the discipline and education he needed to become a useful citizen AND he met Brother Matthias, the one man among the Catholic Brothers of the Xaverian Order who was the Prefect of Discipline at the School. Brother Matthias' love and direction helped Babe grow into the best baseball player that ever lived as well as the one man who single-handedly saved baseball from sure ruin at the hands of unsavory gamblers and criminals. In fact, Babe's personality and home runs saved baseball from the Black Sox Scandal of 1919 and a gambling scandal in 1926! How did he do this? He performed this "Ruthian" task by revolutionizing the way baseball was played and through his generous and courageous spirit.  
    Needless to say, without Babe Ruth there would be no major league baseball today. Indeed, there would be no international game. What's more, Babe was way ahead of his time not only on the ball field but in accepting men and women of every race, creed and culture into the American pastime. Long before it was the popular social sentiment, Babe Ruth barnstormed and supported Negro League baseball, Mexican League baseball, Cuban baseball, women's baseball, children's baseball and he carried baseball to the orient where over a million people saw him play in 1934!

    Please help us petition Major League Baseball to retire Babe's famous Number 3 in every major league ball park across America. For his contributions to baseball, social justice and children everywhere Babe deserves this distinct honor.

Ruthian Regards!
Linda Ruth Tosetti

    I would like to tell you a little about my husband Andrew R. Tosetti.  I met him in 1976 and we immediately became best friends!   We married in 1980, after a four year engagement.   He is still my best friend, confidant, and my one and only.
My mom loved him too.  The three of us were always up to something.  
   He  has encouraged and supported me in everything I ever wanted to do.   He has the same passion I do about my grandfaather and he is the keeper of the stories and stats too!  We work as a team and have fun with all the fans with what we have both learned about my grandfather.  When I sign photos, you can find Andy talking to the fans while they wait their turn.  It  makes it fun for everyone.  We are also collecting oersonal stories fans have about my grandfather.  We are always learning.  Sometimes my signings can go for 4, 6, 8 hours!  He loves to visit and he takes care to make sure I get what I need.  What more can I ask?  He also still makes me laugh after all these years!
   So you see I could not do this without him!  We both look forward to meeting you in the future! You never know, our paths may cross someday!
I want to end with telling Andy ... "Sweetheart, I love you and am lucky to have you in my life and my grandfather is pretty lucky to have you too!" 
Andy has talent!
In the Old Yankee Stadium
Made by a fan
First pitches at Fenway for Red Sox
My radio interview with Jeff Sammult from Canada - Linda Ruth Tosetti
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                   Softball First pitch
            Central Park for Team Fox
            Michael J. Fox Foundation
                         Softball First Pitch
Long Island Ducks for Kings Park Association
Officer John Tornabene catching
Our jerseys were made for us by the Vizzi Family from the P4 Foundation!  They do start conversation when we wear them!  We Love the fun we have with them!
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