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Babe Ruth in Japan

Where else would you find Babe sitting?

Constantly pleasing his fans.  Some one handed him a Japanese parasol.

The Japanese people thought Babe was a God.  They offered him a Emporers life if he would stay and teach baseball.  He appreciated the offer, but he said "I am an American and I am going home".

               Two of many statues in Japan
FYI...there are none in New York City!
At the Yagiyama Zoo in Sendai, Japan
In Kusanagi, Japan
Plus a monument!

In the book "Bansai Babe" by Roberts Fitts, he talks about Connie Mack having Babe manage all 18 games in Japan  because he wanted to see what he already knew.  My grandfather was a great manager.

Connie Mack told Babe "you're my man" to manage the Athletics because Connie was retiring after 40 years.  On returning home, in steps Judge Landis and Babe never got the chance to manage.  Connie made up a story. Something about Claire would be running the team because she drove Connie crazy in Japan.

My grandfather was so angry with Japan when they bombed Pearl Harbor!  He could not believe the country that claimed to love him, treat him like a king and was going to give him a Emoeror's life if he stayed in Japan.  He replied "I am an American and I am going home."
 After the bombinghe was so enraged that  he started throwing everything that was given to him, out the windows of the apartment. Mom always remembered watching the "setting sun" flag on the wind as it floated. My mom always said it was a good thing she was not wearing the kimono he bought her.  It is a great chapter in her book, "My Dad the Babe".

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