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   Babe Ruth's Over 500 foot Home Runs

               Grafted by Bruce Orser

Another view of Tampa in 1919
                   Side view of Polo Grounds Homerun
Another view of Navin Field home run
Where did this ball go????
Another view of the Shibe Park Homerun
A second one same day!!
More interesting over 500 ft....
Celeron Park in Jamestown NY over 500 ft
Going, Going, Gone !!!
It was Oct, 22, 1924 - less than a year after Yankee Stadium opened in the Bronx in April 1923 - when Ruth, as part of a national barnstorming tour, played an exhibition game at Dunsmuir City Park in CA, against players from Dunsmuir, Mount Shasta and Weed.

This is a drawing of of the difference between the "House That Ruth Built", old Yankee Stadium in 1924 and what size and shape of the new Yankee stadium.

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