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Babe at Spring training 1934 - Babe Ruth
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Babe Ruth goes back to Boston...Braves

When Babe Ruth left Boston for New York, he changed the look of baseball forever. He became the most famous slugger in baseball history. 


It was different when he returned as a Boston Brave.  My grandfather, in his 15 year career with the Yankees, hit .349 with 659 home runs and 1,978 RBI's, while leading the league in home runs 10 times.  He did not get what he wished and that was to manage the Yankees after putting the team on the map.  The Yankees released him for $1.00 on Feb. 26 1935.  A nice thank you.  Babe now 40 years of age signed with the Boston Braves that  very day.

It was a three year contract with the Braves to be their vice president, assistant mananger, and wanting his bat, playing right field.  My grandfather would play only 28 games, hitting .181 in 92 plate appearances.

His OPS was still .789, with 6 home runs, the last 3 he hit in one day.   May 25, he went 3-for-4 with three homers and 6 RBI's in a loss against the Pirates.  He walked out that day knowing that Judge Fuchs had no intention of honoring his promise to let him manage the Braves.

Babe Ruth accepting gift from Judge Fuchs 1935
Ethel Merman

"All ballplayers should quit when it starts to feel as if all the baselines run uphill."  Babe Ruth

Babe is moving on

" Baseball changes through the years.  It gets milder." Babe Ruth

Forbes Field, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania on May 25, 1935 was to be his last game.  My grandfather went 4 for 4 on that day, hitting three home runs and driving in six runs. Babe Ruth bid goodbye to the Majors.  He grew tired of being just a drawing card.

The Dodgers

Babe talking about Dodgers - Babe Ruth
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My grandfather still holding out hope that he can stay in baseball and someday manage a team.  
Sadly it was not to be.  MLB and the game he loved and served all his life would never let him manage.  Shame really, as he proved in Japan, he would have made an excellent manager.  I think it is baseballs biggest mistake and a big loss for them.

Other Sports and Retirement

Babe provided Thanksgiving dinner!
Sent to me from a fan, Jim Ferrari of NY
Babe pleads not to be forgotten
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