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Family of George Herman "Babe" Ruth Jr.

George Herman Ruth Sr.
Mom: Catherine Ruth
Grand Opening of saloon Babe bought his Dad in Baltimore 1916. Babe(middle) and Dad(right) behind bar.
Geroge Jr. 1898, 3 years old


from Paul Harris book

1911 George hanging with his        buddies
Paul Harris got Catherine Ruth her head stone
               Babe ruth Museum donated it
Young Juanita Jennings, my       grandmother, Born 1895
My grandfather was a snappy dresser and very fussy about his clothes.  Maybe becuase he learned to be a shirtmaker in St. Mary's.
Juanita Ellias 1936 after she wed Charles
Babe wearing his famous raccoon coat.  He pulled a puppie for my mom out of one of the pockets.  He would laugh when he came home and throw the coat for her to catch and it would bury her!
5:30 am 3 days later at St Gregory's       Babe marries Clara Hodgson (2nd wife)
Julia Hodgson, Clara's daughter from previous marriage plus Clara's whole family.
  Juanita and Charles at their home on Long Island, late 1950's                                                                                         

My stunning grandmother, Juanita in                           the 1920's

    This is my Mom, Dorothy Ruth Pirone and her family


My grandfather's DNA lives on.  When asked, and I am often, what it the greatest thing you have of your grandfather?  People are surprised at my answer, "I have his blood in my veins, as my mom did before me."  With this comes being a blessed and lucky granddaughter.  I have people who knew him tell me, I laugh like him, I squinch up my face when I talk, like Babe, and more important is that I interact with his fans just like he did!  Fans have told me they felt as if they have been with Babe.  I know I can hear my Mom telling me that "You did not hit the ball."  She was very correct and she raised me to be humble.  She told me to pay attention, as she talked to fans.  The name IS magic.  Not thinking I would ever have to use it, I did pay a little attention. But what I was to learn was to just be myself. That is the Babe Ruth secret and let the DNA take over.  As my grandfahter said " I am here to do good."  My mom taught me never to expect in his name but to figure out how  give in his name.  I try everyday!  How do I know to do all this?  It's in the DNA!

Dominick & Dorothy
Missing Danny and Donna
Mom Booksigning at Mickey Mantles Restaurant 1988
Jay's confirmation with his grandmother and his mom
Ellen and Bob  Hourigan 1977
Jay Michael Ruth Hourigan (great grandson)
Doing what he loves best. Traveling
 Beautiful Robin Marie Ruth Hourigan (great granddaughter)
Robin Christmas  & friend 2015
At Fenway Park                    2015
Ellen, Jay, Bob, Robin Xmas 2015                 and my lasagna again.

Robin's children, great great granddaughter and great great grandson                                

Dan Paul Ruth Hettrick
Caitlin Anne Ruth Hettrick
Ellen and Bob's 50th Anniversary
Caitlin(11 yrs old) and Dan( 9 yrs old ) got to throw 1st pitch at Fenway.                     Thank you Red Sox,  you made a lifetime memory!
Dan runs Cross Country for Xavier                        High School
Threw out 1st ball at Fenway Park 2014. Yes it was a strike!
Caitlin and her Mom
Armed with her wand, Caitlin at 
Wizarding World of Harry Potter
            "mayhem this way"
"End of the Dinosaur." Uncle Andy on his                    smart phone with Dan
Caitlin during her seven month internship at             Disney World, Orlando FL 2015
2015 Christmas, Jay, me, Caitlin & Dan
Jay knows what Uncle Andy likes! A box of great cigars!
Friends and family coming together for Brother-in-law Bob's                                    Birthday at Time Out Tavern!
Jack & 
Andy Tosetti, Xmas 2015
My sister Ellen and I in (I am guessing) 1983 at Mom & Dad's.  it was always the two of us on kitchen cleanup duty after a holiday dinner!  We made it fun!  You know there were leftovers for Bob in tote!
My sister Ellen and I at the old House That Ruth Built, going to see grandpa's monument in 2005.              We lost Ellen on 7-14-17.  We miss her everyday.
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