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  Dorothy Ruth Pirone was born Dorothy Helen Ruth on Feb. 2, 1921 to George Herman (Babe) Ruth Jr. and Juanita Jennings in New York City at the Flowers Hospital. She was only 5 lbs and was born with Rickets which was a vitimin deficiency and under developed lungs.  Juanita was a socialite and did not want to keep my mom, but my grandfather loved my mother so much, that he took her home to give to his first wife, Helen.  Helen had many miscarriages so she was estatic and took mom in. Being afraid that mom would not make it, they did not announce her birth until Dorothy was 16 months.  In fact her nanny, Fanny Bailey came with mom to care for her.  They were a happy family living on the farm.  You will see Babe always kissing her and notice the twinkle in their eyes when they are together.

  Mom passed away at the age of 68, in 1989.  She left 6 children ( I, Linda, am the youngest ) and 8 great-grandchildren.


left: Babe and Helen 1914

rt: at Helen's funeral 1929. She died in house fire.

High School photo

 Mom at my grandfathers  funeral

1948 at St Patricks Cathedral NYC

Babe's sister Mamie
My sweetie Andy and my mom           1977
Small Heading

My mom wrote a book before she passed.  You can buy this in Used books on Amazon.         Click on book to go to link.

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